While we are flexible in the capital solutions we can offer, we specialize in working with founder-owned and family-owned businesses where the owners wish to sell a controlling stake, whether due to retirement or to diversify their holdings.  We understand that your business is part of your legacy, and we work with owners to solidify that legacy. 


Given our deep operational experience, our principals are capable of back-filling C-level positions for our companies during a management transition or at any point when the circumstances call for it.  We are hands-on with the management team throughout our investment, as we are responsible for providing both capital and expertise to create value. 


We look to invest in businesses with:

  • $2+ million in EBITDA

  • A strong history / opportunity for growth

  • A clear and achievable path to value creation

  • A need for expanding / improving processes, systems or management depth

  • A motivation driving the transaction (family succession, growth, diversification or turnaround)